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To start the money transfer process, all you have to do is create a free account.

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After the account has been created, you simply have to input the correct amount you’d like to send and select the desired destination

3 Time to wait

Job done! Now all you have to do is to wait for the money to arrive at the destination.

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SpeedFast. Is the fastest money transfer in London. It’s as fast as a rocket! Create an account with us, the transfer will be there by no time!

Want to send money from Brazil to the UK? Download the CloudBreak app and make your transfer! You redeem your money at one of the SpeedFast stores!

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Security is our motto. Before anything else, we value the security of our clients. Your data will always be safe as well as the super speed of our money transfers.

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A passport, residence card or UK driver’s license is required and proof of address in your name issued within the last 3 months (water bill, electricity bill, council tax, etc;).

UK law requires money remittance companies to require proof of income for customers exceeding £12,500 per year across multiple remittances or for transactions of higher amounts within a short period of time, at the discretion of each company. set your own limits to be sure about proof of customer income. Examples of documents for proof of income: Payslip, bank statement, tax return, contract for the sale of property or assets, wills, etc;

For shipments to Brazil you need the full name, CPF, bank name, branch number, account number, type of account: checking or savings; PIX code.
In our stores we accept payments in cash (sterling) and by debit card. Through the App and phone, only the debit card is accepted.
SpeedFast offers 2 types of shipments to Brazil, the economic one with a deadline of 2 business days and the Express that arrives on the same (business day) if made before 17:30 London time.
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